sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

* I´m each time more right that i should continue to make finance, like before.
* Now, i´m searching for a job.. so, i´ll get it;
* I´m confused. How could i call my situation? Why i´m not getting to find nobody to help to find an answer? I´m tired. I´d like to resolv it early. I have to thank you, my friend.. you´re been the one are getting to explain something.

So, it´s all. I wrote to much.

Have a good weekend.

"I miss them, no translation" Rosa de Saron

quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Gosh! Have done a long time I wasn´t here. I running to much, like i never dad done before. Here i´m doing the ess sup1 again, i getting to use the same title, but i´d have to change of the business, becouse there where i was working everything about the cash flow was ok. I just could to know that later. But it doesn´t matter. I´m getting up my head to go ahead. Each day that´s happing are been other fight. I learning to much. It´s making happy to much.
Actually, my studies are been hard to do, but it don´t want to say nothing. I´ll get to go ahead becouse i´m already doing it.

No more words. Good luck to me and everybody. The end of my college are soon here.

Have a good day.