terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011

first post of this year

hi, how's it going? I stayed for a long time out. Now, i just writting by my cellphone. It's cool, but in the same time is a half boring becouse i'm 'lating' to writting less words. But i'm happy. Into a few time my desktop will arrive to home ok, formated, and more: ready to me starting my finish's work (i'm talking about my tcc).
I have to thank god for every little thing he have done for me. I'm loving to live differents rotina, friends, job, between others things.
I'm happy to much becouse i'm getting to walk and run almost every day. I'm happy becouse i got to put credits on my cellphone. I'm happy becouse i'm believing each time else in god.
Changing of the side, i got some asking to do: what's happening with this world???
Why these flood happened here (into sp state) and in queensland - in the australia???
What could we do to live in peace. I'm trying with all my strong, to be a better person. I'm afraid of the tomorrow's day.

Tomorrow i'll take my desktop. I hope get to study english more, when my computer arrive.
Stop, rain! For other side, i'll get it to tnere..Ops, i think that just god are able to embrace us and give the right direction.
*i'd have to post the soccer photo, between others.
I spoke to much... See you later.