domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

hi... It have done a long time i wasn't here... I have to write with more often... So i just hope everybody know that i'm happy to much. Yesterday my friend Taynara and Pedro got to do a visit to my church. I was for a long time praying for them. So, i'd like to show to everybody that God are ever hearing all praying done!!!!! So, never forget of god.. Becouse he never will forget of you.

I'm happy to much becouse i've got to do my church course, and i'm just waiting for the 07/08/2011, becouse i'll be member of the mine church with all the strong.

So, i'm continue to pray to receive more bless, to be able to help each time else more nd more peoples.

Hey, i'm here.. Ok? And my heart are open to help who are needing.

And remember:never will be late to start of a new... Ok???

Take care of yourself... If you are not feeling so good. Don't let the bad situation stay embraced in you... Order help. Never stay ashamed of your pain.

Who have and meet God.. Won't needing of nothing else.. Nobody told me.. But i just saw!

And how about you?? Do you want to receive the best??

So, let your comment.

God bless all the readers.